YAC in the Cornwall Free News

Though we don’t agree with the opinion expressed in this editorial, we do believe in the right to express it. An open and inclusive discussion of how we can all move forward together, where all opinions can be heard and considered, can only be a good thing. In all fairness to our membership, this is press that mentions YAC and we should have it in our feed. read more

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YAC is changing up the way it does Membership!

July 16th, 2015

Your Arts Council, Cornwall & the Counties is going through some changes, redefining itself to better serve the community. YAC membership is changing!

Cornwall, ON – Your Arts Council, Cornwall & the Counties (YAC) is redefining the way they do membership. Betty Healey, Chairperson for the board council, explains: “We have struggled with this issue since our very beginning. We wanted to be completely inclusive, offering our services to the community as a whole, but responsible governance dictated we needed to ensure our sustainability through core-funding initiatives like membership fees. We are not happy with how these fees, as modest as they have been for an individual membership, have isolated us from a large portion of our potential membership who either can’t or won’t pay membership fees. So, we’re getting rid of them. As of today, anyone can sign up for a YAC membership and it is absolutely free.” read more

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