Your Arts Council, Cornwall & the Counties is a not-for-profit community group dedicated to the proliferation of performance, visual, and literary arts in our community. Our overarching guiding principle is that Artists are successful. This means that we try to provide artists and the community with the tools and resources necessary for the achievement of that goal. It is our belief that our whole community will benefit from an enriched quality of life when there is a profusion of sustainable Art happening in it. Anyone can become a member of YAC, and membership is FREE – so come be part of the Art!


The Cornwall and the Counties Art Council is a not-for-profit organization determined to nurture, foster, promote, support, advocate, encourage, mentor, and grow the visual, performance, and literary arts in Cornwall and the Counties in an inclusive and sustainable manner, one that not only recognizes the role of the Arts as a regional economic driver, but also champions the Arts as an integral component in quality-of-life for the region.


Your Art Council for the region of Cornwall, Akwesasne and the United Counties is driven by a mission to contribute to the development and sustainability of Arts & Culture. We are a resource for the visual, performing, and literary arts sector.


Arts and Culture in Cornwall & Region; a reason to be proud.

YAC Bylaws – January 2016